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Hey everyone it’s time for another pointless journal entry!

As we all know South Park’s 18th season will be upon us in two weeks and I don’t know about you but I’m super excited!!

Now I know many of you might be wondering Skunky do you love every episode of South Park? Well to answer you question sadly no like with all TV shows  there are episodes that are absolutely amazing while others suck ass for many reasons unfortunately South Park happens to be one of those shows. There are some eps that are either boring, too gross, and some eps that just strike anger into the average fan. So in honor of South Park coming back I’m going to share with you DA my least favorite South Park episodes!! Don’t worry I’ll also be making a list about my favorite eps as well. Now before I begin please note that this is my list if you don’t agree with something please be mature about it just remember it’s only my opinion.

Now lets begin!!

Skunky’s Top 10 Least Favorite South Park Episodes!

10. D’Yikes-

This ep is pretty boring  yeha I said it boring nothing really interesting happens in this episode and to top it all off the boys don’t even have a huge role! Pretty much all this episode focuses on is Mrs. Garrison’s failed relationship with men and how she and a group of lesbians try to stop a guy from shutting down a gay bar. Oh and the subplot is the boys get Mexicans to do their homework for them (Weak) Yeha this ep was just boring and I didn’t like it not to mention it contained a part I rather not talk about. Pretty much the only funny thing that happened in this episode was Butter’s comment about scissors.

9. HumancentiPad-

Or also known as the ep that made the Kyle fans cry! This ep is considered by to be the sickest thing South Park has ever done but to understand why this ep almost made me puke we should look at it’s origin. This episode is based on a really messed up horror movie called “The Human centipede “ it’s so disgusting that just reading the Wikipeadia summary will make your stomach churn. So knowing that you know this ep isn’t going to be a pretty one. Pretty much the plot of this episode is Kyle and two other people are kidnapped by Apple and a sewn together mouth to anus and Kyle is forced to eat an Asian man’s shit. Yeha all because they didn’t read the terms and agreements to be honest this episode not only disgusted me but also shocked half the fandom! Many fans including myself actually did fanart showing the aftermath of this epsiode mostly showing Kyle mentally scared from the event. I mean this ep had some funny moments in it like the Asian man was hilarious and Cartman putting his mother on Dr.Phil
was funny but that isn’t enough to hide how gross this episode is bottom line I don’t like this episode because it’s so gross!

BTW “The Human centipede “ has a sequel that I heard is far worse then the first lets just hope South Park doesn’t parody the second one!

8. All About Mormons-

Like D’Yikes I found this episode to be very boring pretty much nothing exciting or funny happens in this episode. All that pretty much happens in this ep is a new kid whose family happens to be Mormon moves to South Park and the Mormon religion is explained in a South Parky fashion mainly how Joseph Smith wrote the book of Mormon. I’m not going to lie to you the first time I saw this episode I lost interest very quickly.

7. Cat Orgy-

If you don’t know by now Eric Cartman is my least favorite main character now don’t get me wrong I don’t hate Cartman in fact he’s the main reason the show is funny in the first place. But his personality not to mention his racist way of thinking prevent me from liking him as much other characters like Kenny for example so an episode were he is the only boy to make an appearance is a personal hell to me. This episode was apart of a series known as the Meteor Shower trilogy in which all three episodes took place during the same time all four boys got their own episode and unfortunately Cartman’s was the worst in my opinion anyway. The plot for this episode is Cartman is being babysat by Stan’s older sister Shelly while his mom goes to a party and Shelly has a boyfriend that’s like in his 30’s. Also there is a subplot in this ep want to know what it is Cartman’s cat tries to get laid……… Yeha. You know as funny as Cartman is this ep was anything but it’s a pretty forgettable episode. The main reason I don’t like this episode is because it’s all about Cartman.

6. Great Expectations AKA Pip-

Alright now we are getting into the hated episodes. This episode was pretty much the retelling of the novel “Great Expectations” but in South Park style now with the problems first of all no South Park characters besides Pip appear two this episode is not funny and three did I mention none of the characters appear!? I mean my god were are our main characters! You know this episode could have been better if I don’t know if they used the South Park characters to play the characters from the book sort of what “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” did with the Disney characters. The ep would have probably been funnier but no they make all new characters that are only seen once then never heard from again (then again South Park tens to do that with a lot of it’s characters) The bottom line is this episode sucks!! And guess what I’m not the only one who hates it this episode made number 49 on Matt and Trey’s worst South Park episode list! So even the creators hate this episode!!

But it gets worse my friends

5. Kenny Dies-

You all knew this episode would make this list somehow you all knew!! This is most likely the most depressing episode in South Park history (Before “Your Getting Old” came along and stole it’s thunder) There is a lot of crying , talks about death, and Stan doesn’t even get to say good bye to Kenny before he passes.:( The first time I saw this episode I cried so hard I had to shut off my TV it was that heartbreaking. So why did this ep make this list why do you think!?

4. City Sushi-

This episode should be called lies, lies, and more lies! I’m sorry this episode just makes me angry want to know why lets look at what the press release has to say about this episode. I’m just going to summarize it for you Butters is diagnosed with multiple personality disorder and the boys try to help him cope with it but guess what the boys don’t even appear in the episode at all only in the background! Look I know Matt and Trey make some changes to the episode before it airs sometimes but this was in the freaking plot of the episode!! I mean this ep had some funny moments in even though Butter’s was the only character to appear in it but I hated this ep the first time I watched it mainly because I was lied to.

Now we’re getting into the real shit

3. A Million Little Fibers-

Just wow why would make an episode about a character the majority of the fandom hates yes a lot of fans (not including myself) hate Towelie! If you haven’t guessed this entire episode focuses on Towelie no other characters not the boys nor the adults make an appearance! That’s the main problem with the episode now what about the plot. It mainly is about Towelie writing a book that becomes so popular it gets to be on Oprah oh and Oprah’s vagina takes people hostage yeha this episode is so stupid.

2. Not Without My Anus-

Now we come to the episode every South Park fan hates it is considered to be the most hated episode of the entire series! Now you may be wondering why is this episode so hated well let me tell you a long time ago back in 1998 South Park just finished airing it’s first season on a cliffhanger were we were finally going to find out the identity of Cartman’s father (funny we really don’t find out who Cartman’s dad is until seasons later) and of coarse everyone was waiting for the next episode to air. Well weeks went by and it was finally time for the first episode of season 2 to air and it just so happened the premier of this episode fell on April Fools Day so Matt and Trey though it would be funny to instead giving the fans the episode they have been waiting for to give them an episode all about Terrance and Phillip. Lets just say this didn’t go over well with the fans over 2,000 fans wrote angry emails to Comedy Central and due to this Comedy Central moved the air date to “Cartman’s Mom is still a dirty slut” up. There is even a commercial were Comedy Central themselves actually played one of the angry phone calls sent to them here it is…

Hell if I was a fan back in 1998 I would have most likely wrote an angry email to!!

Now you all may be wondering what episode could possibly be worse then “Not without my Anus” well there is an episode an episode so evil it sends shivers down my spine just saying it’s name. This episode should be hated by everyone it should be criticized by everyone this episode deserves to be shat upon for the vile piece of garbage it is!!

And the episode that I crown my number one least favorite South Park episode is…………

1. Stanley’s Cup

My god were do I start first of all this episode is one of the most mean-spirited episodes I’ve ever seen!! This ep is mainly about Stan coaching pee-wee hockey and starts off fairly normal until we meet Nelson….. And Nelson is a kid with cancer which brings us to problem number one look South Park you can’t make cancer funny no matter what you do or say you can’t make cancer funny in fact cancer isn’t funny it shouldn’t be treated as a joke (not that they deliberately made fun of cancer in this episode but you know what I mean) Now for the mean- spirited part we actually are treated to a delightful scene were we see hockey players brutally beat up preschoolers!! And the straw that broke the camel’s back for me was the ending were Nelson dies of cancer because his team lost. That was one of the most mean-spirited endings I’ve ever seen I would expect an ending like this from Family Guy because their show has no morals remember this is the same cartoon that made fun of stroke victims! And Matt and Trey’s reason for this was all because they thought it would be funny to see the other team win well you two it wasn’t funny and you downright pissed me off! Stanley’s Cup has got to be one of the worst episodes of South Park ever not to mention one of the worst episodes of any episode I ever saw!!!

My next list will be my Top 10 favorite South Park episodes

Until then see ya!   
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Hi there I'm Skunkyrainbow270 but you can call me skunky I'm a huge Pokemon geek a current South Park nut and I love skunks as well animation and animals!

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